Radha Rozi Rukhsana
   Language : Hindi
   Play Type : Comedy .
   No. of Shows : 51

About The Play :

The play revolves around a Vijay Oberoi, a compulsive flirt who has divided the interest of his heart amongst three of his girlfriends - Radha, Rozi and Rukhsana. Vijay is warned by his dear friend Vishal to go easy with his relationships. But even before Vishal can pay heed to his friend's words of caution, the three girls come together in a comic climax...


Director : Shyam Kumar

Writer : Moliere

Cast : 6

  • Vijay Oberoi
  • Radha
  • Goga
  • Vishal Pandu
  • Rozi
  • Rukhsana

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