Kya Karega Qazi
   Language : Hindi
   Play Type : Comedy .
   No. of Shows : 51

About The Play :

Kya Karega Qazi is the story of an cunning aged doctor (hakeem) who loves a young girl Roshini. The girl hates him but does not object to his advances because the hakeem is her guardian. The story take a turn when the son of nawab Aalampur saw roshini in a part and fell in love with her. Now with the help of hakeem's servant, nawab's son play all tricks to get roshini...

Director : Shyam Kumar

Translation : J.N.Kaushal

Cast : 11

  • Shamim
  • Hakimm Babban Khan
  • Fakru
  • Roshni
  • Sargam Ali
  • Jage Mian
  • Jawan Mard
  • Kazi

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