Kawa Chala Hans Ki Chaal
   Language : Hindi
   Play Type : Comedy
   No. of Shows : 54

About The Play :

The story revolves around one Raja Jamrood Singh, who dreams of doing everything that the people of higher strata indulge themselves in. With liberal moments of hilarious exaggeration the play traces a comic sequence of events wherein Jamrood hires dance, music and philosophy teachers to teach him various subjects.And, while Jamrood is busy trying to please his love interest Chandtara, his own daughter Tulsi falls in love with a motor mechanic, Mihir...

Director : Shyam Kumar

Writer : Moliere

Cast : 16

  • Raja Jamrood Singh Kunware
  • Sangeet Master
  • Dance Master
  • Chameli
  • Talwar Master
  • Philosophar
  • Laajwanti
  • Musaddi Lal
  • Chaand Tara
  • Mehir
  • Tulsi
  • Ajitabh Bachchan
  • Bera 1
  • Bera 2
  • Bera 3
  • Bera 4

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