Language : Hindi
   Play Type : Comedy .
   No. of Shows : 112

About The Play :

KanjoosMirza Sakhawat is a rich & great miser. Being a renowned rich having 8-10 servants to whom he does not pay their monthly wages. Two children Farookh& Azra became unhappy due to their father’s miserness. The servant of Mirza is very intelligent “Nabbu”. Nabbu has conflict with the miser master and & Mirza always try to find from serve mistake by which Nabbu can be sacked. Mirza Sahab wants to marry Marium who is lover of his son.

It was told to Farzina a neighboring woman (the woman involved in match-making business), Farzina loved marium & took her to the residence of Mirza where Marium met with farrukh lover of her. Where Farukh & Mirza started quarrel for Marium. At last, Mirza kicked out his son Farukh from home. Farukh had stolen 10,000 ASHARFI with the help of Nabbu from the shafe of Mirza. Learning lost of his amount Mirza started scolding to every body & being mad. Farukh kept a deal before Mirza that what you want ASHARFI or Marium. Mirza go with Asharfi later on...

Director : Fareed Ahmed

Writer : Moliere

Cast : 13

  • Azra
  • Nasir
  • Farrukh
  • Nabbu
  • Mirza Sakhawat Beg
  • Alfoo
  • Natthu
  • Khera
  • Farzina
  • Maryam
  • Hawaldar
  • Aslam Sahab
  • Dalal
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