Kambakht Ishq
   Language : Hindi
   Play Type : Comedy
   No. of Shows : 130

About The Play :

Kambakht Ishq play is a social comedy play. This play is based on two old people who are alone & want someone to talk & to share their feelings. Doctor Bhatt facing problems for hide two puzzled patient one is Radha and another is Kishan. Some times Radha complaints that her heart beating stopped and Kishan complained that sometimes one of his ear become deaf and sometimes tells that his mind floating in the air. But as per medical reports they have no such diseases. Both the old Lady and old man become problem to their kids. Due to their parents illegal love affairs their neighbors odd rumors when they go out. The illegal love affairs become a subject to gossip to all the neighbors. They driven out their kids from home and they meet cruelty. Once Radha & Kishen decide & told their kids a fake statement that she became pregnant by Kishan. Both the kids of Kishan and Radha completed arrange marriage of both the lady and man. At the last Kishen & Radha told the truth & said they want only each others company….

Director : Shyam Kumar

Writer : Satya Prakash

Cast : 7

  • Dr. Bhatt
  • Kishan
  • Radha
  • Leela
  • Jai
  • Compounder
  • Bijli



Kambakht Ishq

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