Kallu Nai M.B.B.S
   Language : Hindi
   Play Type : Comedy
   No. of Shows : 78


About The Play :

Luxmi was fed up with her husband Kallu, accused to beat her everyday and he was a daily director. One day she decides to take revenge from her husband. Unfortunately she met with Dheeru & Veeru. They were running in search of a doctor, who can make their master's daughter fit & fine. Ratna was unable to utter a single word, that's the problem with she was suffering. After meeting with them she got an idea to take revenge from her husband. She told them that there is a doctor, who can solve their problem  & his name is Kallu Nai M.B.B.S. She told them that, he was a major problem is until & unless you beat him he won't accept that he is a doctor, after this they went in search of Kallu Nai M.B.B.S. & they meet him. After a long Conversation & beating Kallu accepted that he is a doctor and agree to go along with them. They reached Nannu's house. After his daughter check-up & listening the story Kallu come to know the story that she is not dumb, but she is in love with the guy named Raman. Nannu doesn't like Raman. Raman along Kallu planned to run away with Ratna. But they are come back for father's blessing & her father get agree for their marriage...

Director : Mr. Shyam Kumar

Writer : Moliere

Cast : 13

  • Kallu Nai
  • Luxmi
  • Neighbour
  • Gentleman
  • Begger
  • Lady - 1
  • Lady - 2
  • Dheeru
  • Veeru
  • Nannu (Father)
  • Sharbati
  • Ratna
  • Sagar


Kallu Nai

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