Language : Hindi
   Play Type : Comedy .
   No. of Shows : 53

About The Play :

Rahmat, a clever servant who has been employed by two rich men, Nawab Banne Mian and Nawab Munne Mian. The sons of Nawabs, Afzal and Munir, seek Rahmat's help in courting their girlfriends. Rahmat takes the two grand old fathers for a ride, extorts money from them and passes it on to their sons.

On one occasion, Rahmat manages to pack Nawab Manne Mian in a sack and beat him black and blue...

Director : Shyam Kumar

Writer : Moliere

Cast : 11

  • Hashmat
  • Munir
  • Rehmat
  • Razia
  • Nawab Munne Mian
  • Nawab Banne Mian
  • Afzal
  • Mastu
  • Nili
  • Ahmed
  • Thumka


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